The Green Schools Programme has been in operation
in Carrig N.S. for almost nineteen years. In that time the
pupils in the school have managed to earn four Green Flags.

The first theme we undertook was Litter and Waste.
As part of this theme we successfully reduced our
school waste going to landfill and increased what
we as a school recycle. We also reduced the litter we create.

Next, we went on to look at our energy consumption and how we could reduce the same. The children were involved in slogan competitions and poster competitions, to remind everyone to turn off lights and appliances on standby.

After we were awarded our 3rd green flag for the water theme in 2019, we started the next theme “Travel”. We selected a new Green schools committee and embarked on a journey of travel, hard work, dedication, challenges and alot of fun!
We held very enjoyable bike and scooter safety workshops with Eileen O’Sullivan and organised whole-school poster competitions. With the challenges of Covid-19 and social distancing we held many of our meetings through Zoom!
We secured new bike and scooter parking shelters for our yard and we noted an overall increase in the number of children walking or cycling to school over the past 2 years. Long may it continue!

After all our great efforts and hard work we were awarded our 4th Green Travel flag from An Taisce in May 2023.
We are so proud of every in our school for the part they played in earning this flag and especially our excellent committee……Maith sibh!